We are innovators, 360 video Content creators. We make videos designed to be fun experiences when viewed in virtual reality devices.

How did we start?

A futurist and a Linguist merged their 10 and 4 year research projects on communications and psychology by completing an amazing book on the Mechanisms of Influence, the result of which reveal inner workings of Human programming, immersion, influence and system management algorithms for improving perceived quality of life. Coincidentally, the projects’ completion dates also coincided with the arrival of a newly developing Medium:  360VR.  The integration of virtual reality digital displays with captured video recordings of real life locations, experiences, and events for hijacking the belief structure and cognition processes of the brain. This medium Embodies the very notions the book was developed to explain, Spheres of Influence, how our views and beliefs shape our physical and emotional development. This innovative duo decided to use this new tech in unique ways to disseminate their work and attempt to affect the necessary change to simply,  change the world.


If you are new to Virtual Reality and the concepts of Immersion, please watch the V.R. video tutorials for assistance in transitioning from watching regular (or 360 video)  to being fully immersed in Virtual reality. The days of Big TVs, expensive property views and long unnecessary Travel for work or education are over. We enter an era of wide field cameras, panorama stitching, nausea inducing experiences and Consent concerns. We offer ourselves as guides to this new and different world. Be sure to watch for our upcoming episodes of ‘Mechanisms of Influence’ (avail free for V.R. viewing and is now also coming soon as an e-book). Where we explain in great detail all aspects of influence from outside and from within.

No more missing events, parties or crucial moments of life because of work. No more feeling alone, ever. Now you can do what you love and provide for yourself by sharing it with the world. Be sure to watch our Mission Plan for Higher Quality Living (below) to learn more about how this technology affects you and business directly. Our main company Goal isn’t profit, it is to increase quality of life, and as such, we are giving all of this knowledge away.  We provide V.R. Education videos, a mobile kiosk, storefront V.R. equip sales and rentals. We are a Homepage for your VR devices with our”This Is Me ” Free V.R Search portal for locations, experiences,entertainment, telecom services as well learning about our global Crowdsourced Data Capture program.

We are always interested in working relationships, if you are interested,  check out our partners page.

While writing articles and books, speaking at seminars or recording tutorials, we are both travelers.  Expect us to be out video capturing the world and sharing our experiences.

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